A No-Stress Checklist For Senior Downsizing

15 Mar 2019
If you’re like a lot of seniors, you’re probably struggling with deciding which items to keep and which items to let go of as you transition into this new time in your life.
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How To Choose Solar Panel Cleaning Companies

27 Feb 2019
If you’ve purchased solar panels for your home or business, you’ve made an important investment that conserves energy and saves you money on your utility bills.
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How Senior Downsizing Experts Help Your Loved One

19 Feb 2019
If you have family members who are entering retirement, you can see first hand how your loved ones’ needs and wants are changing.
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The Best Hoarder Cleaning Tips

23 Jan 2019
If your loved one has hoarding tendencies, it can be an emotional and challenging time for everyone involved. Cleaning can seem like an impossible task, especially when discarding items can turn into a highly emotional situation for the hoarder.
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How To Downsize To A Smaller Home

8 Jan 2019
Although downsizing is just one step toward moving to a smaller home, it’s often the most stressful.
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Understanding The 5 Stages of Hoarding

21 Dec 2018
Everyone’s home becomes messy from time to time, but knowing when a living space crosses the line into hoarding can be difficult.
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Best Cleaning Tips For Seniors

13 Dec 2018
Spring cleaning may get the most attention, but keeping a tidy house is a year-round task.
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The Right Way To Do Hoarder Cleaning

29 Nov 2018
Hoarding has become a major problem in our materialistic society. It is easy to gather possessions and easier to find places to store them. With the massive basements, sheds and storage units to which we now have access, many people find themselves ...
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What Is A Hoarding Disorder?

28 Nov 2018
We all have a slight tendency to hoard. We love keeping those college papers that brought such accolades from a favorite professor or the trophies from sports camp in middle school. And let’s be honest, most of us are guilty of keeping aspirational ...
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When Is It Time To Downsize For Seniors?

15 Nov 2018
When The Beatles released the whimsical "When I'm 64" in 1967 the average American 13-year-old listening to the song must have felt the idea of being 64 was a lifetime away. Fast forward to 2018 and those 13-year-old's are indeed turning 64, and ...
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