Renee Garcia

Renee Garcia

Renee grew up working in her father's cleaning business. With over 40 years experience and a passion for helping others, their family-owned business now focuses on specialty cleaning services for senior downsizing, hoarder homes and solar panels.

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3 Factors That Determine Hoarder Cleaning Costs

28 Aug 2019
Hoarder cleaning is unique in its own way. Because there are many factors involved, the cost of hoarding cleanup services can vary significantly.
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Where To Start Cleaning A Hoarder’s House

13 Aug 2019
Cleaning a hoarder’s home can be an overwhelming process. That’s why knowing where to begin will help make the process more manageable and feel more attainable. 
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What Should Be On A Hoarder Cleaning Checklist

30 Jul 2019
A thorough checklist can help the process of cleaning a hoarder’s home stay on track.
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Hoarder Definition: What It Means And How You Can Help

22 Jul 2019
A hoarder is someone who has a compulsive need to purchase, acquire and save items that have little or no value. Often, this behavior takes an emotional, physical, social, financial and even legal toll on the person.
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Different Types Of Hoarding

28 Jun 2019
Hoarding is often thought of as the extreme accumulation of belongings, but what some might not realize is there are different types of hoarding. 
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Is There A Treatment For Hoarding?

23 Jun 2019
Hoarding is a deeply rooted psychological issue. There are treatments available, but this mental health disorder cannot be “solved” or “cured” overnight.
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What Causes Hoarding?

28 May 2019
Hoarding is generally considered an obsessive compulsive disorder, and can be influenced or associated by a number of factors.
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The Difference Between An Obsessive Collector And Hoarder

26 Apr 2019
At some point in most of our lives, we’ve been a collector. Whether it was rocks as a young child, baseball cards as a teenager or vintage vinyl records as an adult, collecting can be fun and healthy.
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Understanding Hoarding And Its Impact On Loved Ones

15 Apr 2019
The emotional toll hoarding takes often plunges individuals into frustration, emotional distress and despair.
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What Do Hoarder Cleaning Services Include?

31 Mar 2019
Having a loved one who has a hoarding disorder can be overwhelming and frustrating for family members who want to help.
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